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foto/6-340 Everest Softshell Feather

Everest Softshell Feather offers more lightweight option in comparison with standard softshell fabric.
Thanks to the unique porous construction, the fabric provides better breathability and softness compared to standard softshell fabric, yet it also provides very good warm quality and it is capable of acting as an insulation layer along with an outer shell layer protecting you against wind. Outer side of Everest Softshell Feather is composed of closely woven elastic yarn treated with water-resistant finish. Inner side of the fabric consists of knitted porous construction keeping you warm and dry so that you can feel comfortable wearing it even in bad weather conditions.

Waterproofness (water column): 7 000 mm



Demonstrates the height of the water column during which the fabric is leasing. According to the European norms the material is waterproof if it is resistant to the press of the water column of 1300 mm. But this result is not sufficient at all (for example while kneeling the pres is about 15 000 mm). That’s why is sensible to choose better material with the possible highest water column. (Measured by the ISO 811).

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